Monthly Archive: September 2012

Sep 26

Ways to Repair Broken Tennis Racquets

Tennis racquets are what makes tennis a very enjoyable, challenging and exhilarating sport. The racquets are an essential part of the sport, else you cannot play without one. However, tennis racquets also suffer damages much like your body. If you’re on a tight budget or you prefer your tennis racquet due to your superstitions or …

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Sep 14

Injuries to Avoid When Playing Tennis

In any physical or contact sport, you’ll find injuries. Some injuries can just be minor, like cuts and bruises. Some can be very disabling. Avoiding tennis injuries is important especially in preparation for big games. Here are some of the biggest injuries that you should avoid in playing tennis, and also advice on how to …

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Sep 03

Wrists: The Most Important Tennis Asset

A player’s wrist is where he or she gets the force and angle of his or her attacks on the ball while playing tennis. It is important to take care of the wrist as it gets easily strained during games. Developing your wrist abilities while ensuring that they are properly cared for is important. Here’s …

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