Jul 08

Novak Djokovic Says Thank You To Federer for Letting Him Win Wimbledon

In an astounding 6-7 (7-9), 6-4, 7-6 (7-4), 5-7, 6-4 match, Novak Djokovic takes the number one spot from Rafael Nadal after winning his most recent Grand Slam title in Wimbledon against Roger Federer.  A great recovery following his three major final mishaps this year, he said that “I needed this win a lot.”

During his speech at the awarding ceremony in Britain, he thanked Roger Federer for letting him win as he acknowledged the fact that the entire match was tight and difficult. Nerves were rattling and the first one to give up between them was to lose the match.

Djokovic had world number four Roger Federer into very long rallies, having Federer peak on his stamina, but Federer took advantage of his weakness in net approaches. Djokovic’s specialty is defensive tennis. Federer said “I think Novak tried as much as he could to play offensive as well.”

Federer had more winning shots and aces than Djokovic in the entire game. However, his stamina was his weakness.

Djokovic had shed tears following his recent Grand Slam win. He dedicated his win to his family, his training team and his future wife Jelena Ristic, who is with child. He also dedicated it to his early childhood tennis coach Jelena Gencic, who had passed away last year.


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