Monthly Archive: February 2013

Feb 27

Tennis Star Andy Murray Purchases New Luxury Hotel, Hopes It Becomes A Hit

Tennis legend Andy Murray embarks on a new journey as a hotel businessman as he purchased a luxury hotel located in his hometown of Dunblane in Scotland. The number one tennis player of Britain earlier planned to purchase the hotel after his brother Jamie Murray got married in 2010. The Cromlix House Hotel in Scotland …

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Feb 26

Fraudulent Whiplash Claims Add £118 To Insurance Bill

An estimate by British insurance company Aviva shows that £118 is added yearly to every motorist’s insurance bill because the increase of fraudulent and exaggerated whiplash claims in the country. The insurance company blames intermediaries such as claims management companies and personal injury lawyers as a factor in increasing the insurance premiums. Aviva stated that …

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Feb 17

What Ibuprofen Can Do Before a Tennis Match

You might have heard from both professional and amateur tennis players that taking ibuprofen before a tennis match can strengthen your body greatly and help you relax during the game, but what can ibuprofen actually do for you during the game? Whether you are playing a big tournament or just a friendly game, taking ibuprofen …

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Feb 11

PPI Compensation Claims: Writing Your PPI Template Letter and More


PPI is a product that banks designed to help you repay your loans in case you get sick or unemployed, but due to its exclusions, many customers cannot make use of the insurance policy they purchased. PPI is an effective product that has become infamous as banks made it a profit-generating vehicle. If you are …

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