Monthly Archive: July 2012

Jul 31

Roger Federer Goes to the Third Round in Olympics

Switzerland and World’s No. 1 Roger Federer has defeated France’s Julien Bennetau of France in straight sets, second round of the men’s singles tennis competitions in the All England Club. Federer, who recently won the Wimbledon crown, is on course straight for his own Olympic title. He is considered as one of tennis’ legends for …

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Jul 24

Tennis Careers: Making a Career Out of Tennis

Definitely, with tennis one of the most popular sports in the world today, anybody with the skill would want to make a career out of tennis. However, to make a career out of something, one must have their own credentials or portfolio. In sports, usually these are your achievements while playing the game. Also, like …

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Jul 17

Basic Strategies for Tennis Doubles

The game of tennis becomes more difficult when you’re playing with a partner. Strategy, skill and intuition is all that it takes to ensure a good win for your team . Understanding the basics of tennis doubles strategies is important to know which skills you need to master and how you can react properly to …

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Jul 10

Tiger Woods Endorses Roger Federer as World Tennis Legend


Tiger Woods considers Roger Federer as one of the world’s best athletes. He left a tweet stating that Roger Federer is the one of the greatest of all times. This was right after his match against UK’s Andy Murray. The Wimbledon finals showed the determination and athletic prowess of the 31-year old tennis champion who …

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Jul 03

Tennis Wall Drills

Tennis is quite a strenuous sport as it involves activity from your entire body. Testing your own endurance means doing tennis and wall drills on your own. Tennis wall drills are a great way to practice for any tennis game. It can also enhance your stamina and your endurance during a game. The wall ensures …

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