Monthly Archive: June 2012

Jun 26

Tennis Strokes: Servicing The Ball

Any tennis game begins with one player making a ball serve to the other player. Servicing the ball is a very crucial task. If you miss making a serve twice, you can lose a point. One must know how to perform a proper service as it is a reflection of a player’s tennis level and …

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Jun 25

PPI Compensation – Are You Due a Windfall?


There are no secrets about PPI compensation now that the authorities have ruled the banks are obliged to pay back charges on mis-sold policies. It is one of the most high-profile financial scandals to hit the consumer finance market for many years. The worrying thing is, if it had not been for the scrutiny of …

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Jun 19

Argentina’s David Nalbandian Under Investigation for Judge ‘Assault’


Line Judge Andrew McDougall was immensely injured after Argentinian tennis player David Nalbandian kicked an advertising board near the line judge, severely injuring the judge’s leg with a great line gash. Nalbandian, a 30-year old player, states that he did not intend to injure the judge. He was letting off his steam kicking the advertisement …

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Jun 08

Sharapova Reaches Finals, Defeating Kvitova in the French Open


Maria Sharapova, the second seed, has moved herself to world number one, beating Petra Kvitova in Paris tennis matches. Sharapova won a 6-3 6-3 victory over the fourth seed in the match against Kvitova, the fourth seed of the French Open. The victory places Sharapova to have a career Grand Slam upon winning one major …

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Jun 01

The Kinds of Tennis Courts To Play In

Like a soldier at war, a player of any game need to know his or her playing field, personal strengths and weaknesses to overcome their opponents and win the round during a game. The environment or playing field is the most important to master. Luckily for sports such as tennis, there are only four kinds …

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