Monthly Archive: May 2012

May 16

Choosing the Best Beginner’s Tennis Racquet

One of the first questions that comes to mind when you’re about to engage in a new sport is the equipment. Most beginners find this their biggest trouble. Without any game experience, knowing the right type of equipment for starters can take much time and even cause disinterest in the sport. Tennis is a fun …

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May 08

A Simplified Rulebook for Playing Tennis


We all know you don’t want to struggle reading through a 5000-word essay on how to play tennis. So here’s a simplified version of the rulebook that only covers the basic points players need to know and need to avoid. Of course, technical offences are a different story, but these should help you enjoy a …

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May 01

The Top Five Famous Women of Tennis

Now you may be wondering who are the top women of tennis nowadays. Ranked in no particular order are female players who had awed the audiences with their achievements in court, as well as their beauty. Many of these names may be familiar to you as they are regarded the best (and some the most …

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